Sunday, 31 July 2016

- 40 facts about me -

Hello, again and again and again!
(my fourth finger on my right hand just doesn't move right.. is it normal?)

Anyways- today I am going to write another blog post and this one is called:
I know- this is the most boring thing ever, but I just felt like it..
Let's get started!

1. I am an Aquarius and my birthday is on the 27th of January.

2. I am addicted to "Harry Potter" books and movies. (And I am watching the 4th movie right now..)

3. I adore watching musicals.

4. My mother tongue is estonian and I live in Estonia. 

5. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Trend S75600. 

6. I LOVE writing, reading and singing. 

7. I am quite good at playing violin. 

8. I truly hate Rita Skeeter from "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".

9. My favourite soft drink is Virgin Mojito  from Schweppes. 

10. I am addicted to Disney cartoons and movies. 

11. I can not plaite my own hair.

12. My favourite teas are Jasmine- and Peppermint teas from M&S. 

13. My favourite books are (including the Potter ones..):
 "If I stay" and "Girl Online" + "Girl Online on Tour"  (very excited about the 3rd book, tho.)

14. I always get too excited about stuff.

15. My favourite Disney cartoon is "Tangled".

16. I wish to travel to the UK, Paris, the US, Norway and Iceland. 

17. I admire all Gryffindor house witches and wizards. 

18. I have a slight crush on the Weasley twins from "Harry Potter". 
(let's just pretend that the last book/movie hasn't happened, okay?)

19. I am drinking water at the moment. 

20. My passion is taking photos of clouds, airplanes, flowers and everything cute!

21. I have an estonian blog as well.

22. Hermione Granger is the coolest personality in the movies and books. (Emma Watson.)

23. I love Latvian "Laima's" "Piena lase" caramels. 

24. My favourite TV programme was (and still is..) "This old Thing" by Dawn O'Porter.

25. I am addicted to watching "Asos's" and "Lazy Oaf's" web pages for ideas. 

26. YouTube is the source of life... well, that sounded weird. 

27. My favourite time of the year is Christmas. 

28. I notice each and every thing in movies and cartoons. (especially 'Easter Eggs')

29. I really like the magical "Ever After High Dolls."

30. I love vintage back- packs and clothes.

31. I usually spend all my pocket money on books. 

32. In July, I've read 7 new books. (And that's not too much for me.)

33. Today, I cleaned up my three drawers, took pictures for my blog posts and uploaded one. 

34. I am extremely emotional person- I am definetly going to start crying when you cry. 

35. I like estonia as a country to live in. 

36. Now I am eating some delicious mushrooms. 

37. I've got dark brown, long and curly hair what I love. 

38. I hate Coca- Cola. 

39. When I was little, my favourite TV show was the "Tweenies." And my best friends were Bella, Fizz, Jake and Milo. (Plus Doodles, of course.)

40. I have never had an actual crush on any of my schoolmates. Believe it or not.

And this was my "40 facts about me."
Thank you so much for reading this and see you again next time!!
Lots of love!!!! (tight squeezes and hugs!!!)

- Miss Snowflake -

Saturday, 30 July 2016

- My favourite summer nail polishes -

Hello again, you all!

Today I decided to write a blog post about my fave summer nail polishes.
I think most of the people like to wear nail polishes in summer and I think it's the cutest thing when you can see a person walking by with the most colorful nails you have ever seen!!
(My summer is made when I can see a person like that!)

Currently (when the weather is the hottest) I can see some really amazing people wearing some REALLY amazing nail polishes on their nails and my heart just grows so much into the cuteness!
I am not a nail-oholic, (is it even a word?) but I just LOVE colours and patterns!

So- I am going to name the nail polishes and I'm going to add pictures to them.
NICE! Let's go!

 - essie - nail polish in the colour:
"Hard to get" 632
I love the light pink shade, it's so cute!
(or might it be baby pink?)

- Kiko - nail polish in the colour:
I just adore neon colour and mint-blue
shade is my fave!

- China Glaze - in the colour:
"White on white"
I like white on my nails, because even if you
don't have a tan, it will make
you look like you have one.
(wink- wink)

- Zoya - nail polish in the colour:
I know- tough red shade is so
every- season + CHRISTMAS, but I think red shade matches everywhere.
(Yup, I sound like the smartest human
being on earth, right?)

- Kiko - (again..) nail polish in the colour: "318"
I AM IN LOVE with this shade!
I have no idea why, but this is just so perfect for
every piece of clothing you could wear! (I adore it.)

- Zoya - nail polish in the colour:
I love this nail polish and it's amazing
electric- blue shade.
It shines so amazingly in the sun!!

- Mesauda (milano) - nail polish in the colour: "77"
I love this green shade, because green is one of the official summer-time shades!! Ouujeee! Summer!

- Sally Hansen Diamond Strength -
No chip nail colour.
In the colour: "410. 3K or More!"
I love some sparkly shades in summer because
sparkly is like the sea. And we all like being in the beach- right?

- Sally Hansen Diamond Strength -
No chip nail colour.
In the colour: "250. Pink Promise."
I love these sparkly shades and pink- yes, please! (giggles)

So- these were my favourite nail polishes of this summer. I adore these shades and I just hope that you like this blog post. Now I am going to go and put each and every one of my nail polishes back to their original places- in my nail-art-drawer! And I thank you SO much for reading my post and reading my blog. It means so much to me when you just click here, and read it, and watch these pictures, and just be a part of my blog- I thank you so much! It means SO- SO- SO much to me. Thank you lots!

- Miss Sowflake -

Friday, 29 July 2016

- My short trip to Latvia -

Hello, again!
I promised to write another blog post- and I am doing it!

I have always loved Latvia as a great country to visit.
It isn't super- big or very crowded; it's a very beautiful country; they have got a lot of castles and SO many oppurtunities to go sightseeing... I am just in love with Latvia.
We stayed there for two nights and three full days. We visited so many attractions and castles, plus we swam A LOT because some of the hottest days of the year took place.
We visited so many amazing places and if you want to, then I can make a blog post about the places we visited.
I made quite a lot of pictures and I really enjoyed visiting Latvia this summer.

I think travelling is good for people. It broadens horizons and it is a very enjoyable way to see the world. You should travel too- even if you have no time, then travel to places what don't need a lot of time to seek through. You can just travel to a countryside near you or just ride a bike to places you know. Please- please- please do it!

But now- picture time!!!!

Thank you for reading and see you next time!!

ps. the weather right now is too hot to be true and it's hard to go out...

- Miss Snowflake -

Thursday, 28 July 2016

- Hello everybody! -


Oh my god.
I can't believe it.
I am actually writing an English blog.

Okay. It might seem a little ridiculous for you, but I am not speaking English as my "mothertongue".
I am a teenage girl from a small country called Estonia and I love writing, photography, singing, dancing and reading. I can play violin and I am very keen on a lot of musical instruments.
I have got an Estonian blog as well, but I thought: Let's just give it a try and let's try to get out of our comfort zone.

I know- I can make a lot of mistakes writing in English, but that's what I am learning! I am learning to become a bit better in English.

So... I actually thought it was going to be a lot more difficult, but it isn't actually that bad. I just need to have a dictionary next to me every time I write a blog post.

You know when you have got so many ideas and you want to share them with others?
That's what I am feeling right now.
I NEED to share my ideas and thoughts with you guys whoever is reading this.
(If you actually are reading it... I have no idea..)

But I will post a lot of posts including pictures and ideas what I come up to.
(Anonymously, of course. Because I think privacy is a bit more safer way to have a blog...)
I just hope that even one person who might be reading this would feel a bit happier.
Because 'The World' should be a better place than it is right now.
That's all I want.

But- I will write another blog post very soon!!

See you soon!

- Miss Snowflake -
(That's what I am going to call myself in this blog.)