Sunday, 31 July 2016

- 40 facts about me -

Hello, again and again and again!
(my fourth finger on my right hand just doesn't move right.. is it normal?)

Anyways- today I am going to write another blog post and this one is called:
I know- this is the most boring thing ever, but I just felt like it..
Let's get started!

1. I am an Aquarius and my birthday is on the 27th of January.

2. I am addicted to "Harry Potter" books and movies. (And I am watching the 4th movie right now..)

3. I adore watching musicals.

4. My mother tongue is estonian and I live in Estonia. 

5. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Trend S75600. 

6. I LOVE writing, reading and singing. 

7. I am quite good at playing violin. 

8. I truly hate Rita Skeeter from "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".

9. My favourite soft drink is Virgin Mojito  from Schweppes. 

10. I am addicted to Disney cartoons and movies. 

11. I can not plaite my own hair.

12. My favourite teas are Jasmine- and Peppermint teas from M&S. 

13. My favourite books are (including the Potter ones..):
 "If I stay" and "Girl Online" + "Girl Online on Tour"  (very excited about the 3rd book, tho.)

14. I always get too excited about stuff.

15. My favourite Disney cartoon is "Tangled".

16. I wish to travel to the UK, Paris, the US, Norway and Iceland. 

17. I admire all Gryffindor house witches and wizards. 

18. I have a slight crush on the Weasley twins from "Harry Potter". 
(let's just pretend that the last book/movie hasn't happened, okay?)

19. I am drinking water at the moment. 

20. My passion is taking photos of clouds, airplanes, flowers and everything cute!

21. I have an estonian blog as well.

22. Hermione Granger is the coolest personality in the movies and books. (Emma Watson.)

23. I love Latvian "Laima's" "Piena lase" caramels. 

24. My favourite TV programme was (and still is..) "This old Thing" by Dawn O'Porter.

25. I am addicted to watching "Asos's" and "Lazy Oaf's" web pages for ideas. 

26. YouTube is the source of life... well, that sounded weird. 

27. My favourite time of the year is Christmas. 

28. I notice each and every thing in movies and cartoons. (especially 'Easter Eggs')

29. I really like the magical "Ever After High Dolls."

30. I love vintage back- packs and clothes.

31. I usually spend all my pocket money on books. 

32. In July, I've read 7 new books. (And that's not too much for me.)

33. Today, I cleaned up my three drawers, took pictures for my blog posts and uploaded one. 

34. I am extremely emotional person- I am definetly going to start crying when you cry. 

35. I like estonia as a country to live in. 

36. Now I am eating some delicious mushrooms. 

37. I've got dark brown, long and curly hair what I love. 

38. I hate Coca- Cola. 

39. When I was little, my favourite TV show was the "Tweenies." And my best friends were Bella, Fizz, Jake and Milo. (Plus Doodles, of course.)

40. I have never had an actual crush on any of my schoolmates. Believe it or not.

And this was my "40 facts about me."
Thank you so much for reading this and see you again next time!!
Lots of love!!!! (tight squeezes and hugs!!!)

- Miss Snowflake -

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