Saturday, 30 July 2016

- My favourite summer nail polishes -

Hello again, you all!

Today I decided to write a blog post about my fave summer nail polishes.
I think most of the people like to wear nail polishes in summer and I think it's the cutest thing when you can see a person walking by with the most colorful nails you have ever seen!!
(My summer is made when I can see a person like that!)

Currently (when the weather is the hottest) I can see some really amazing people wearing some REALLY amazing nail polishes on their nails and my heart just grows so much into the cuteness!
I am not a nail-oholic, (is it even a word?) but I just LOVE colours and patterns!

So- I am going to name the nail polishes and I'm going to add pictures to them.
NICE! Let's go!

 - essie - nail polish in the colour:
"Hard to get" 632
I love the light pink shade, it's so cute!
(or might it be baby pink?)

- Kiko - nail polish in the colour:
I just adore neon colour and mint-blue
shade is my fave!

- China Glaze - in the colour:
"White on white"
I like white on my nails, because even if you
don't have a tan, it will make
you look like you have one.
(wink- wink)

- Zoya - nail polish in the colour:
I know- tough red shade is so
every- season + CHRISTMAS, but I think red shade matches everywhere.
(Yup, I sound like the smartest human
being on earth, right?)

- Kiko - (again..) nail polish in the colour: "318"
I AM IN LOVE with this shade!
I have no idea why, but this is just so perfect for
every piece of clothing you could wear! (I adore it.)

- Zoya - nail polish in the colour:
I love this nail polish and it's amazing
electric- blue shade.
It shines so amazingly in the sun!!

- Mesauda (milano) - nail polish in the colour: "77"
I love this green shade, because green is one of the official summer-time shades!! Ouujeee! Summer!

- Sally Hansen Diamond Strength -
No chip nail colour.
In the colour: "410. 3K or More!"
I love some sparkly shades in summer because
sparkly is like the sea. And we all like being in the beach- right?

- Sally Hansen Diamond Strength -
No chip nail colour.
In the colour: "250. Pink Promise."
I love these sparkly shades and pink- yes, please! (giggles)

So- these were my favourite nail polishes of this summer. I adore these shades and I just hope that you like this blog post. Now I am going to go and put each and every one of my nail polishes back to their original places- in my nail-art-drawer! And I thank you SO much for reading my post and reading my blog. It means so much to me when you just click here, and read it, and watch these pictures, and just be a part of my blog- I thank you so much! It means SO- SO- SO much to me. Thank you lots!

- Miss Sowflake -


  1. These shades are gorgeous! Especially kiko no 318 and the Sally Hansen 410! I want! :)

    1. Yes, aren't they?! My faves as well.. ohgod. Already missing summer now, but soon I will make a "Fall/Autumn nail polish favourites" post! Be excited for that! ❄

      Lots of love
      and thank you SO much for checking out my post!!

      - Miss Snowflake -

      P.S: Do you have a blog as well? I would really love to check it out if you do have it!