Friday, 29 July 2016

- My short trip to Latvia -

Hello, again!
I promised to write another blog post- and I am doing it!

I have always loved Latvia as a great country to visit.
It isn't super- big or very crowded; it's a very beautiful country; they have got a lot of castles and SO many oppurtunities to go sightseeing... I am just in love with Latvia.
We stayed there for two nights and three full days. We visited so many attractions and castles, plus we swam A LOT because some of the hottest days of the year took place.
We visited so many amazing places and if you want to, then I can make a blog post about the places we visited.
I made quite a lot of pictures and I really enjoyed visiting Latvia this summer.

I think travelling is good for people. It broadens horizons and it is a very enjoyable way to see the world. You should travel too- even if you have no time, then travel to places what don't need a lot of time to seek through. You can just travel to a countryside near you or just ride a bike to places you know. Please- please- please do it!

But now- picture time!!!!

Thank you for reading and see you next time!!

ps. the weather right now is too hot to be true and it's hard to go out...

- Miss Snowflake -

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