Tuesday, 9 August 2016

- Chatting and books (again..) -

Hello, everybody!

I am back in Estonia. YAY!... or nay? I don't know, because the trip we had was truly amazing and I really enjoyed it. I just love travelling and the feeling you get when you step off the ship or the bus. Excitement mixed with cheer and joy. I just love it. 

We spent 4 days in Sweden. In Gotland and in Stockholm and I loved it. (The coolest part was the storm we had on the sea and how the ship pitched..)

Eventually my pictures from this trip haven't been sorted yet, so I am going to make 2 blog posts when I get back about both of my trips. Yep- I am going to have another trip in 2 days and I am super thrilled and excited for it. Just- I can not think about it. OH- MY- MARSHMALLOW, am I right?

There's something about letting your words and thoughts go and flow on your keyboard. And I am in LOVE with this feeling. I know- I don't seem to be a really BIG blogger like some of you out there, but I am not doing it to be BIG. I am doing it because I love it and I have loved writing for my hole life. 

When I was little then I used to write some silly tales into my notebooks and on some random pieces of paper. And I enjoyed it SOOO much and I still do it. I am writing the tales of my own, but basically nobody can read it. 

I love the feeling of it. Just letting go and feeling how your head gets a lot lighter when you have let those feelings out. It's just my dream to spend a whole day and just write. My favourite activity of them all. 

Right now, when I am sitting on the floor in our living room, eating some HerShey's "Kisses" and drinking green tea, I am just feeling so relaxed and SO good. On the same time I am letting my thoughts go as well and I am enjoying it very much. 

But now- 

Let's get to the part when I mention the books, OK? 

So- I wrote a blog post about the books I got from the library the other day and I've read two of them, what I just loved. I could not get my hands off from them and my friends were a bit irritated because of it, but those 2 books were just.. OH- MY- MARSHMALLOW!

"City of Bones" Cassandra Clare
Literally I have no better words to describe my feelings. 
This book is magical and written just the way I like it. 
Oh- my- marshmallow. Thank you SO much Cassandra Clare for being such an amazing writer!!!
I loved how the things got spinning around in the end and the readers just couldn't help themselves- they just needed to read the second book and so on. 
MY- MARSHIE- I love it!!!!!!

"City of Ashes" Cassandra Clare 

This is (at least) as good as the first  book and I am so into it.  
I just have got no words to explain how much I need to go to the library tomorrow and get the other four books to read. I am SO needy with this right now. Oh- my- marshie. I just can't. I hope they've got the other four books for me to read. I am just begging for it.. OMM. 
I just love these series of books so much and I need to get them on my own as well so I can read them whenever I need to. So excited and so thrilled to have this amazing experience to read these books. 


So- my book rewievs. Nice, or what? I am so not- overflowing in these rewievs, right? So cute!
But I just really love these books and I am really- really begging you to read these too. Some people like them and some people don't, but you can always give it a try!
Good luck!
Fingers crossed!!!

Love you lots!

- Miss Snowflake -   

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