Friday, 19 August 2016

- Czech days (a bit late, tho..) -

Hello, darlings!!
Oh- my- marshmallow!

So, I am in Czech, in Prague.
And we've been here for about.. three nights..?
I honestly can't remember, because I've had such a great time here and I just don't want to count the days, you know..
And today I am going to write (and post pictures) about my stay in here Prague.
Basically, let's be honest, the pictures are really messed up, but I just took the best ones and I might do a Prague post a bit later, but right now I am going to upload the pictures what I've got..
Oh- my- marshmallow, okay.
I am going to explain what is going on with my photos.
I downloaded them on Google Drive, but I only got a half of them, because I haven't sorted my pics yet so.. what  I want to say, is that I am going to upload the other half when I get back to Estonia and I've got some more time.
Currently I've got only 6 pictures to show you, but tomorrow I am definetly going to upload some more.
Here they are!!!


I know, this blog post was so lame, but I am going to make another one very soon!
Bye bye!
Love you so much!!
- Miss Snowflake -

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