Sunday, 21 August 2016

- Possibly the coolest house I've ever seen: Hundertwasserhaus -


I know it's not really late right now, but it's raining today so I came back to our hotel and I am going to write about this house for you guys!
The house is called Hundertwasserhaus and it "lives" in Vienna.
It's an apartment house, but it the author of the house wanted it to look a bit different, than the other apartment houses do, so he designed it a bit different.
When you see the pictures you'll get it.. : )
The author of the house was an Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser; you can check him out on Wikipedia, tho.. : ) 
Check it here: 
But now, it's picture time!
(P.S. It was raining today, so the pictures are not really perfect- lightened. Sorry for that.)

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But honestly- I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I am going to see you again tomorrow!!!
Thank you so much for reading!!
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  1. The house looks interesting. It reminds me of the church in Barcelona, Spain.