Monday, 1 August 2016

- Rainy days and YouTube -


And yes- the title is exactly what I am doing.
I am watching YouTube and it's raining outside.
Nicest days ever, am I right?

Actually- I like rainy days and I love to curl up on the sofa and I love YouTube, so today is not a bad day at all. Someday you just decide that you need some hot chocolate and you open your kitchen cupboard and you see- IT'S EMPTY!
Like, what?!

But then you find some tea and you make some. 
That's what I did and then i curled up on the sofa, opened my TV and watched some YouTube. 
And days like this make ma want Christmas already. I just can't not think about CHRISTMAS!

Literally, I just need to write a bit and feel comfortable watching YouTube. 
I have said "YouTube" A LOT in these few lines. Super- normal. I like it. 

But literally- what I want to say is: "You need to be happy for every day in your life because even if you don't feel like it, then you need to find something good in those days, Even if it's the saddest day in your life, just keep living. Nobody can take your happiness away from you. Remember- I LOVE YOU. And I will never leave you, Marshmallows and Snowflakes. I adore you all!!!"

Think about sunny things!

Love you lots!

- Miss Snowflake - 

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