Saturday, 20 August 2016

- Shopping in an Outlet; arriving to Vienna and PHOTOS -

Hello, again!

We're in Austria now, in Vienna and I believe that I am REALLY tired now, but I needed to write
in here!
We arrived here (in Vienna) a couple of hours ago, so I've only seen some really big red- lighted windmills and colorful traffic lights. Seriously. Bloody amazing!
But today we visited an Outlet centre in Czech, before we drove to Austria and I got quite a lot of stuff: clothes, underwear (yeah, I know. A bit weird..) and a new P.E bag!
If you want, I am going to make a haul when I get home. : )
But I am goint to insert some pictures from our trip so far. I promised to you guys! : )
Drumroll, please!

Thank you SO much for reading and I am going to see you again tomorrow!!!
Hugs and hugs!!
- Miss Snowflake -

Oh, by the way, guys!
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Lots of Love!



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