Monday, 29 August 2016

- Switching schools, visiting a café and Autumnal touches in the nature -

Hello, my lovely Internetiours.. what?

So- today was a really nice (sunny) day and we went to a little town, where my new school is going to be this year. 

Oh- have I actually told you my story about switching schools?
Well- at least now I am going to tell you about it!

For a quite many years I've been going to a little village school, with about 40 students. 
I quite much liked it, but.. I go to Music School to another town and to another school, so this year I decided to switch schools and go to a slightly bigger town- school, what has got over 400 students. 
So- for me it's quite easy, because I know some students there and it's not a really awkward to go to a new school. At least I know some peeps out there (btw, my bestie goes to that school as well!).
And for me, my singing and violin classes are in that town- school, what is a bit better for me to.. just set my time a bit more practically. : )

Basically- we went to the school to pick up our textbooks and workbooks (what I had over 30 for sure and they were SO heavy.) Thankfully I handed them over to my Momma- Mommy, (to my mom) so I just had my Kipling backpack full of 3"Mortal Instruments" books. (Yes, I am going to make a blog post about them. I am just currently reading the 6th book- So I am going to make it when I finish the 6th one.)  

After getting our books, me and my BEST friend went to a little cafe called "Latvian Embassy". Well, basically we go there because there are no other café's in the town, but on the same time we go there because it's our tradition to eat a little Chocolate Fondant cake what they offer. : )
(Sadly not this time, because they were out of Chocolate Fondants.. )

We just had a really fun time there, (like we always do) and we were just chatting, laughing (a LOT)- basically we were just having a lot of LOL'S, when you know what I mean. : )
Sometimes it's just great to see your great friends and feel good around them. 
No matter if you don't have any time in this autumn- season, when we all need to go back to our freakin' routine, but PLEASE catch up with your great friends and close people, because you are SO lucky to have them and definetly, they are the SO lucky to have you. Just let them know, that you still love them and care about them, by ringing or sending them a post card. : ) 

When she left for a bus, I walked to the library and got the 6th book of "Mortal Instruments", but during that, I took some autumnal pictures from the park near me. 
I just love- love- LOVE autumn. 
Basically my favourite months of the year are November, December and January. I know. Madness strikes. : ) 

I am already excited for Christmas. Comment down below, if you feel the same. : )
(Or, might I be the only psycho in the whole -new- world, who is already feeling excited for christmas? I sincerely hope not..)

Basically- now I am going to insert the pictures for you, my lovely friends, and I hope you enjoy!

I honestly hope you enjoyed this little chatty blog post and I am going to see you very soon!
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Let's become the bestest friends!

I love you more than you could ever guess! : )
Thank you for sticking with me in my boring life!!!

Oh. and by the way, guys!
How amazing is that?!
I just.. ahhh... I love you SO much and I am so thankful for all of your support!
I can't even put this in words.. I just respect you SO bloody much, for just clicking a FOLLOW button on Bloglovin or on my blog.. It just.. gives such a lovely warm feeling in my heart and soul.

Tight hugs!!


- Miss Snowflake - 


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