Monday, 22 August 2016

- Visiting Tiergarten Schönbrunn (the Zoo) and taking pictures of Schönbrunn Castle -

Hey, people around the Internet!

So- today we visited The Zoo in Vienna, which is the oldest Zoo in the whole world. (Fun Fact.)
I mean.. I liked it, but for me, the Zoo in Berlin is a bit more.. amazing. : )
It's everyone's personal opinion and this is mine, so You can comment down below what do YOU think about the Zoo in Vienna, and just let me know. : )
There were a lot of  interesting animals in the Zoo (including Panda's! YAY!) and I enjoyed the animals. : )
Afterwards we went to see the Schönbrunn Castle, but we didn't go in. Perhaps some other day.
Now I am going to insert the pictures, because I am hungry and I am going to eat until the pictrues load themselves. : )
( #LazyLife )

Okay. The pictures finally loaded and YOU CAN ENJOY these pictures. Most of them are through a glass, so that's because they're a little bit blurry, but I hope you still enjoy them!!!
Thank you so much for reading I am going to see you again tomorrow!!!!!
Lots of love!!
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Tight hugs!!
- Miss Snowflake -
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