Sunday, 21 August 2016

- Visiting Vienna; Swimming in Krapfenwaldbad and eating at Central Café -

Hi again!

So, today was a SUPER hot day here in Austria and we decided to go to a swimming centre/ a public swimming pool.
The place was called Krapfenwaldbad and it was super amazing, not very expensive and it had four amazing pools.
They were just ordinary swimming pools with blue water, but the VIEW was uh- mah- zhing!
Then later on, we visited a VERY famous café in Vienna- Central Café and we ordered some cakes (and a soup..).
They were delicious and the man who served us, was really super nice. : )

In the morning and in the evening we visited a little bit of Vienna, but I am going to get some more footage tomorrow. : )
(I'll promise you!!!)


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