Friday, 2 September 2016

- The biggest freak you have ever met (me.) School Ramble vol 1. -

Hello, my cute Shadowhunters!
(Sorry!!! I am reading the 6th book right now. Please forgive me.)

But- today was my first official SCHOOL DAY in my new school! How crazy is that?!
Let's be real- starting a new school is not the easiest thing you could think of, am I right?

For me, (let's thank the angels, eh?), it's quite easy, because I have some really great friends of mine in my new class and.. I mean, the friendzone- thing is amazing, but getting lost, is a huge problem. : )

Let me give you a hint: If you are in a new school- PLEASE FOLLOW YOUR CLASSMATES! 
Do not think that you can handle it, even if you think you know the school you're in. Just.. stay close to your classmates and.. talk to them. Say that you don't know where to go and hopefully they will lead you to your class. (Then you've just got to hope that they are not the biggest jerks in your school and they will actually lead you to the right classroom. But let's hope they're not freaks. Yessss, girl. The best advice ever- notes to self. *hides her face in her hands* 🙈 )

I know- it's a lot to handle with, but YOU CAN DO IT!

(Oooh- guys, comment down below what do you think about your school if you are new! I would really like to know and please give the others (and me.. heh.) some tips, how to become a bit more social in your new school. : )

Let's just hope that this year will be okay and we don't need to worry about anything awful. : )
You can always be positive (well, Rosie. You are definetly not. Notes to myself vol 2. *embarrassing giggles*)

But basically- today I only followed my friends and they were waiting for me, when some teachers wanted to talk to me- which happened A LOT. Honestly- they ALL wanted to talk to me about everrrrything(!), so my friends were literally THE BEST today. : )
Really happy about that. 
But in the morning- ouch, in the morning, everything was a lot more difficult. 🙈 
It was so weird to stand in the middle of the corridors and just stare at the others, because I had no idea where to go. But thankfully a realllllllyyy great friend of mine helped me (again) and she literally dragged me to the door of my classroom where I needed to go. I was waiting outside the classroom, but then the boys, who are in my class, just flew in (literally, flew) the classroom and I followed them. 
So FINALLY I made it to that point. : ) Thank the angels, Rosie.

Thankfully- my timetable isn't the worst on Friday which is good- I am really happy with that. Basically getting home by 4 p.m (16:00) is amazingly great! : )
But still- I need to set the times for my music school: violin, solfeggio, musical history and singing lessons, what I take. (Let's be real- all of us would give anything to quit solfeggio, 🙌 but this is not happening. At least not for me, sadly.)
On Mondays I literally have 7 lessons, what end about 2 p.m (14:00) which is really great as well, because it manages to make it back home quite early and not like-- eight in the evening.
And I am really glad I can be back home so early like it is right now. Last year I was on my way home at 7 p.m. (19:00)!!
(Seven a.m. the usual morning lineup.. beedoo Disney song alert)

Did you see my last blog post? It was about the 1st of September and it's really a big ramble!!

Anyways- I hope my lovely Shadowhunters (you) are doing really well, because, as it turns out, I am doing great! : ) *happy dance*

I am going to finish my "TMI" book as soon as possible, because I PROMISED you guys to write a blog post!! : )

But now, I am going to go and eat something, because I am so hungry.. : )

See you next time and...


See you!!! 😘


- Miss Snowflake -

This is not my rose, just saying. It's from a flower- shop. But how gorgeous is that?! 🌹💐

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