Friday, 23 September 2016

- Picking mushrooms and The Forest Gallery -

Hello and happy Autumn, everybody! 🍃

Sorry- I haven't talked to you for a while, but now, I am definetly making a blog post, because me and my beloved family went on a trip to the forest to pick mushrooms and take pictures. 
(P.S. Me and my dad are photoholic's.👍) 
We picked some mushrooms, because we all love them, and took photos about everything. 
My another hobby is editing video clips (but on Windows Movie Maker) SO i took some video clips and I am going to edit them all into our home- video. ☺

The weather was really nice, but a bit cold. We live in Estonia, so that 15℃ is quite normal for September- weather, what I would like to call sweater- weather ALREADY. Yeah, winter is on it's way. ☺
The sky was slightly cloudy, but that's what I personally love about Autumn. ☺ I just love it so much! 😉

Me and my dad took A LOT of photos, but you can only guess once who won------ Me, obviously. 😁
I just love walking in the forest or in the woods and I adore the smell of trees, leaves and (yes, you might think it's yucky, but I like it) mushrooms. Just pure, natural, fresh and amazing Estonian mushrooms. 👌

But now- enough talking!
I am going to insert my pictures now. Hehe- hope you enjoy, my loved ones. ❤

Yeah! You made it to this point! Woooooooo! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you SO much guys for checking out my weird and (sometimes) boring posts. 
I hope you still enjoyed it!

Lots of love! ❤

- Miss Snowflake - 

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