Thursday, 1 September 2016

- September ramble and, sadly, Back To School.. -

Happy 1st of Semptember, my dearest ones of them all!!!

Can you actually believe it?
Like, literally: "It's the bloody Autumn season now, basically!"

And I need to go back to school, because in Estonia, school starts on the 1st of September. 
Which is, of course, a really great time and we have our summer holidays for about 3 months, but still.. School? No- no- no. Not yet, please. It just started to feel like summer outside and now you are dragging us back to school? NOPE. Not going to happen. 
(Well, let's be real. It IS happening tho. And I am 50/50 happy and sad about it...)

Anyways- today we had our as called "School- director's speeches" what I heard about.. 3 times in a row..(?) because I went to 3.. what's that word.. meetings? Or.. public ceremonies (as the Google Translate page says.. haha, life struggles.) SO- basically now, I know every word what our Directors said. mwhahahhahahhaa- evil laugh, eh?

But- none or less, I actually managed to get through my FABULOUS day, when I felt like, it's not autumn at all, and WHY THE BLOODY HELL you need to get us back to school?
Basically, this evening I am trying to make it a bit more autumnal and make myself some hot chocolate and (change my blog template.. hehe) draw or watch a movie, as long as I don't need to do any homework yet. "YAAAAASSSSS!!!" 

I hope, that you, the loveliest friends of mine, enjoyed this post and next time- ooh, next time, I am going to make a post about "The Mortal Instruments" books! Literally I've read all of them, except the 6TH ONE! I just can't find my time to read it, but I PROMISE YOU (heard it here first!) that I've read it the next time I meet you! I PROMISE!!

I as well hope that you are going to have (or you already have) a really nice schoolyear and I hope that you've got some really great friends as well! (When you don't have any, then we can become the -bestest- friends! Just email me! Links down below!) Let's just try to make the end of 2016 the BEST autumn- time ever! I love you so bloody much, that I can't even explain it to you, how much I appreciate you! I'm so honored to have the best friends, in my blog, EVER. : )

I just love you, guys! : )

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I am going to see you again very soon with another very special and EXCITING blog post!!



- Miss Snowflake - 



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Yep, the roses are still beautiful as hell! 


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