Monday, 28 November 2016

- My favourite Christmas songs -

Hello and Happy 1. Advent to everybody (what, yes, was yesterday) who are celebrating Christmas!!!
So- I wanted to give You a list of my favourite Christmas songs for You to sing and enjoy!
Here You go!!
(put on some of these songs and enjoy!)
  • Michael Bublé "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"
  • Michael Bublé "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
  • Michael Bublé "Santa Baby"
  • Michael Bublé "Winter Wonderland"
  • Michael Bublé "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
  • Michael Bublé "I'll be home for Christmas"
  • Michael Bublé ft. Shania Twain "White Christmas"
  • Michael Bublé "Christmas Baby Please Come Home"
  • Michael Bublé ft. The Puppini Sisters "Jingle Bells"
  • Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé "Baby it's cold outside"
  • Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas is You"
  • Wham! "Last Christmas"
  • Ariana Grande "Santa Tell Me"
  • Meghan Trainor "I'll be home"
  • Glee "Baby it's cold outside"
  • Glee "Last Christmas"
  • Glee "Let it snow"
  • Kelly Clarkson ft. Trisha Yearwood & Reba McEntire "Silent night"
  • Taylor Swift "Back to December" 
So- I hope You got some great ideas from this post and DON'T FORGET TO LET ME KNOW WHAT SONGS DO YOU FIND THE MOST CHRISTMAS-Y!!
Thank You so much for reading! It means the world to me!
I hope You enjoyed!!

Lots of Love
*tight hugs*

Love, Roosi

Saturday, 26 November 2016

- A healthy breakfast -

Hello everybody!!
Can You actually believe that it's going to be the 1. Advent tomorrow?! I can't. Honestly. It's too surreal. But it acutally means that the most wonderful time of the year is going to start and I can sing Christmas songs (not like I haven't done it already..) and I can decorate my room!!
And I can get an ADVENT CALENDAR!! I am so very excited!!!
But let's start with the actual post. I just got a little bit too excited there, in the beginning. 😊
This morning I made myself a super delicious breakfast, so I wanted to share it with You as well!!
It doesn't really need a recipe, but I just thought that because it's one of my favourite meals of the day, then I should share it. Sounds lame, but let's do it!! 

What You Need:
- A normal cereal bowl
- A fork or a spoon (it's up to You)
- A knife
- 2 kiwis
- A handful of pomegranade seeds
- A banana

So, it doesn't contain much, but I can assure You that this meal will keep You energized for a long time. 😊

What You want to do, is to peel Your kiwi and cut it in slices or pieces. It's totally up to You. 😊 
Then peel Your banana and mix the kiwis and the banana in Your bowl. The next thing You want to do, is to sprinkle the pomegranade seeds on Your banana- kiwi mixture and enjoy! 
This recipe is quite a quick and an easy thing to do in the morning if You want to feel good and healthy. 

I hope You liked it as much as I did!
Thank You so much for reading. It means the world to me. 😊 

Lots of Love
*tight hugs*

Love, Roosi

Sunday, 20 November 2016

- Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful... -

.. and since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..
Hello, my loveliest ones of them all!!
How are You feeling this afternoon? I am feeling quite alright, but.. it's no snow outside anymore. 😣
It's so not cool. 😣 It has fully melted for now, what is not fun at all. I can't take any winter-y pictures of the weather anymore!!! I am not thrilled about it, but I am trying my best to get myself together. We are kind of crossing our fingers for snowy Christmas, here in Estonia, but I quite much know, that it is still going to be a no-snow-at-Christmas-time. 
Anyways- I wanted to make a warm and on the same time a cold post, to say farewell to snow. And try to get myself back together again. 😥 
So- this post is going to include pictures again, as usual, and they are going to be some quite happy pictures about snow and some other joys at winter- time. 
I hope You enjoy!!

There weren't a lot of pictures, but I hope You still liked them! 
Thank You SoOoOoOo much for reading. ❤ It means a lot to me. 

Lots of Love

*tight hugs*


Saturday, 5 November 2016

- Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow -

Hi guys!
And yes, You can guess it from the title! It is snow EVERRRYWHERE in Estonia. What the marshmallow, am I right? 😁 I am actuallt quite shocked, because the snow in here, where I live, is about 2cm over my ancles. It's bloody crazy! We actually did go skiing and sledging today and this morning, before I got up from my bed, I was singing CHRISTMAS SONGS!! It just literally felt like Christmas and You can't blame me on that, blame the snow. 😁

So- this morning, before I ate my breakfast, I went outside and took a few snaps for You, my loveliest ones of them all, so I could show You the madness what's going on outside! 😊

Yep. So this is our winter in November, here in Estonia. 😉
I hope You enjoyed this little "welcome winter!" post and.. 
I am going to see You again, quite soon!!!!!  
(BTW- the announcement! I am still working on it. 😏 So You still have got some time to be excited for it. Maybe not VERY excited, because this is not a super big one, but still- I am excited!!)

Lots of Love

*tight hugs*


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

- October favourites: Blogs, skincare and more -

Hello, guys!!
Can You actually believe that it's not October anymore?! Where has it gone?!?! It feels like I've just blinked and now it's gone. That's not fair. Not fair at all.. I mean, we have to be positive, so.. let's get started, shall we? 😊
Well.. this last month was a SUPER busy one, and I definetly got some pimples and blemishes on my face, so the first category is definetly going to be:
So, skincare is a REALLY important part of my night/morning routine and my face skin is not the best as well. And the result is, that I need to take a bit more care of my skin. 😊 We all should do that, let's be real. (Well, maybe not when You've got an amazing face skin. Then You're just the luckiest....)
Anyways, this last month, I decided to invest into a quite well- known company and a very nicely recommended face mask.

1. Origins "Clear improvement" Active charcoal mask to clear pores 
Let's be honest, this stuff is UH-MAH-ZHING! I have used it about 2 times in a week, for 3 weeks and I can already see the difference. I just squeeze out a fair amount of it on my fingertips and put it on my face. It honestly works! I mean, if You like this *my face burns* feeling and You like to look a bit freaky, then this mask is literally for You. 😊 
On the scale of one to ten, I'd give this one a fair 9. 😊 

2. It's skin "Mangowhite" peeling gel
It's more like a scrub-ish thing, if I may say. This one smells like strawberries for me, it has a super amazing texture and it's lovely to put it on Your face. I just can't really describe this peeling gel. It's very different from the things I've used before, so.. You just have to try it out Yourselves. 😊


Yes, yes, yes. I know. I am a HUUUUUUGE fan of tea. I drink it in the mornings and in the evenings and I have found some really great teas, what I really- really enjoy drinking. SO- Let's begin!!

1. Whittard of Chelsea "Jasmine tea"
I absolutely LOVE this tea. I just love love love Jasmine teas and I just love this particular one SO BLOODY MUCH that it just hurts. Honestly. And the saddest is the fact that this tea is not available in Estonia and WE CAN'T ORDER IT FROM AMAZON which is SO SAD!! 😢
But this tea is really really delicious, if You are a fan of Jasmine teas (AND IT'S AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY) then this tea is just DELICIOUS. Jasmine teas have a really amazing (a bit sour-ish) taste, which I really really love.
Ohmymarshie, I am rambling here. You all are propably just like: "shut it now, Roosi, okay??"
I will try.. 😊

2. Lipton green tea "Lemon and Melissa"
Well.. let's be real. Anyone who has tasted this one in real life will fall in love with it. I mean, at least most of the people I know... 😊 Mostly my brother and me. (he steals it ALL the time..)
This tea is a really amazingly balanced one, because it's not too melissa-ish and not too lemon-ish.
(If You get it what I mean..) I love that this tea is a bit sweet and a bit sour, SO it's just perfect for my werid taste buds. 😄 If You like melissa and lemon squeezed into one single tea, then You'll really love it, I guarantee. 😊

3. Greenfield black tea "Golden Ceylon"
Yes. A black tea. I have actually never been a big fan of black tea, but nowadays, when I don't put anything else into my mug than a tea bag and hot water, then.. I feel like my taste buds have changed a bit. I am not a huge lover of SUPER SWEET tea, like I used to and I am happy about it. SO- adding black tea to my favourites list is a BIG step, I guess. But, anyways, I have really loved a black golden ceylon tea this month. Delicious. 😊


I think this is a category a lot of You were searching. Most likely You scrolled down, to make it to here, am I right? But that doesn't matter. It is actually for You to just get some more ideas and.. well.. do whatever You want. 😊
Let's get started!!

1. Adele Lydia
I actually don't own the honor of finding this blog myself. She actually found me and I am really happy She did. I really like this blog because of it's adorable and really simple (but still gorgeous) and I really love how it's written! Oh- my- marshie! The blog posts on this page are so incredibly interesting and eye- catching and the PHOTOS! Ohmy.. the photos are really amazingly done and I just even don't have any words anymore. Honestly. This blog was definetly my must- go- to last month! 😊

2. Zoella
I think we all knew I was going to end up adding Zoella to my favourites at one point. I actually really do love this blog. I loved her latest post about Anxiety- so I thought I should add it into my October favourites. I know. Seems lame, because EVERYBODY knows this blog. Let's be honest now, I am right!! But- this blog has been my favourite blog for a long long time now, so.. yeah.
And the pictures are absolutely AMAZING!! Love love love. 😊

3. Hanna Mac
Yes yes yes, please! A photography blog! Yay! Finally, Roosi! Finally!
I know, I know. But this blog is absolutely amazing. I love it's pictures and the quality of EVERRRYTHING!!! I adore the pictures and the positive vibe it gives me. Honestly, I am a huge lover of this blog right now!! I just have been scrolling through the pictures most of the time when I don't feel really inspired. Well, after these pictures I usually find my inspiration again and I have my motivation to take pictures and improve myself. I just love them pics.
Oh- my- marshmallow!!!


1. The Balm black mascara "tall, dark and handsome"
Well, I don't usually use makeup, BUT last month I had a few occasions when I needed to perfrom or just needed to look more beautiful than usual. 😊 This mascara does WONDERS with my eyelashes. Honestly. I have got no other words, than just.. "tall, dark and handsome". That's all. That's all I am going to say. You have to try it out yourselves, let's be honest. For me, it does wonders. 😊

2. Revlon "Ultimate all- in- one" mascara
Incredibly good. I usually use these two all together, and then my eyelashes look amazing. But actually, this mascara looks good all alone as well, but on my lashes, I use them both together. This mascara is good for the 1st layer and then You put on some other mascaras to make it look a bit more eye- catching. That's all I am going to say. 😊

And that's all for this months "October favourites". I hope You found something interesting to use from here and I am going to see You very soon!! I hope You enjoyed it and thanks for reading!!

Lots of Love!
*tight hugs*