Wednesday, 28 December 2016

- My goals for the New Year -

As the Christmas is over and we're all excited for the New Year now, then I thought I should make myself a plan about what I want to do and what I want to be next year. I thought it might inspire You too, so let's get started! 
Please leave me some of Your goals for next year as well so I could add some great ones in mine too!

1. Exercise more 
(because, bloody hell, I have been eating too much this Christmas. Am I the only one?)
2. Play more VIOLIN. 
(hell yeah. At least once a day.. that would be great..)
3. Eat less junk. 
(well. Obviously.)
4. Study better
(alright. We can manage that.)
5. Read more
(yes, sir!)
6. Write more of Your silly stories
(I wish I could have some more time for this..)
7. Try to act like a proper lady.
(ha- haa- haa!)
8. Sleep more!
(That's what I actually need to do, because I can sleep aproximatelly 6 and a half hours.. whoops.)
9. Write more in this blog
(Because You all want something new quite often, don't You?)
10. Take more pictures of Your life
(And post them on this blog!)
11. Care more about Your family and relatives.
(I do care, but I haven't got any time, basically. In fact, right now we're going to watch a movie all together! That's more like it!!!)
12. Spread love
(We all should do that more often, because when You make someone smile, it only makes both of You happier!)
13. Clean up Your room!!!
14. Drink more water and tea!
(I was just about to make myself a cup of tea. Yes, sir!!)
15. Love more

I hope You have enjoyed this year and I hope You are going to have a wonderful New Year!!
I love You all so much!!

Love, Roosi

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

- How does it always find a way? Christmas edition! -

Hello and happy Christmas to everybody! I know that all of You might not be celebrating Christmas and You might hate it what I am writing in here, but let's just be festive anyway? I am in!
Anyways. I wanted to talk about Christmas and what our family does at Christmas- time and I would be the happiest if You could write down in the comments what Your family  does (or You do) and how do You celebrate Christmas (if You do.)
We usually come together as a 11- person celebraters (my dad's sister and her family + our family + my dad's mum) and we have a Christmas dinner which changes EVERY SINGLE YEAR, so we basically eat meat (which I usually don't like to eat because it's so chewing gum-y and yucky) potatoes, different salads, fish, sauerkraut (which I LOVE!) and sometimes (very ridiculously) sushi, because it's so weirdly delicious and I love it. But we eat a lot of other weird things as well. We have got some ridiculously sweet desserts, what my dad's mum usually gets and on the same time, my mum does some desserts as well and they are DELICIOUS. And we drink a lot of funny things as well. There are a lot of kids in the house, so we usually have a drink what is very festive, but we can drink it as well. The grownups usually drink alcoholic drinks and it's fine, because it's Christmas. But yes, there are a lot of different foods and drinks what we can eat. Let's just stick with that. 😊
So, when we have eaten and us, the Kids, have played some games, and me, as the oldest of them all, has played a best game- buddy/babysitter, then we usually go for a walk, but this year we are celebrating the Christmas in our home and we literally have got forest all around our house, so I've no idea where we're going for a walk this year. Got a bit overwhelmed there, didn't I?
And if we've gone for a walk and I've been a great babysitter (again) then we usually go back inside my dad's mum's flat (where we've celebrated Christmas before, that's why I explained it like this) and we wait for Father Christmas/Santa Claus, who is usually my dad. Me and a great friend of mine, have a theory, that our parents actually work for Father Christmas and that's why they are always getting presents to us themselves, and our presents aren't from Father Christmas. That's SO obvious that they are working for him, let's be honest. 
Well and then we get our presents, what is actually a big chaos, because little kids throw their wrapping paper EVERYWHERE and I just basically can't open my presents, because all of those little kids run back to see me every second possible and show me what they got and they're like:
"Roosi, vaata mis ma sain!!" which means: "Roosi, check out what I got!!" but that's super- adorable and I don't mind that. 😊 😊 😊 
Anyways, then we usually eat even more and just chat. And then we usually go home and for the whole ride home I just dream about using my new gifts or I dream about playing with my toys, which I get still every year, because I am kind of collecting them. Another fact about me! I know it might be childish, but I get some new interesting dolls every year, which I usually ask for, and then I am super happy and I am so excited for them and just... ahh, Love Love Love Christmas. 😊

But, this is all! I hope You enjoyed this little Christmas- ramble and I am going to talk to You very soon! Please comment down below what do you usually do or how do You celebrate Christmas! 
I love You all so much! Happy Christmas!! 
Love, Roosi

Saturday, 17 December 2016

- Music -

Music has always been a HUGE part of my life. Quite much since I was born, I started to sing (when I was a baby, it actually sounded like a really high- pitched scream, but I smiled when I was doing it, so I wasn't crying..) and as soon as I started to walk properly, I started to create my own dances.
I think, that the first time I really got into singing, was when I was about 4- 5 years old and I got a chance to start singing in a singing studio. I got a friend there, as well, but we are (sadly) not friends anymore, because she moved away to Finland.
Anyways, I started to sing there and I can remember some songs what I was singing with two other girls. I can remember how I was feeling when I was on the stage and everybody was looking at me..
To be fair, I wasn't scared, I was more like.. happy to be there. I have always been a stage- lover and I have got to say, that I am not scared of the stage now as well.
Well, I studied there for.. I think around 7 months, maybe, and then I left, because I sticked my tongue out, when another girl was singing and I needed to watch her sing... and my singing teacher said that I am a terrable child and I didn't want to go back there again.. until the September 2015, when I started to sing at the same singing studio again and I quite much enjoy it!

Some of You might not know that, but I am actually studying violin at the moment in music school and I am quite sure, that violin has had a HUGE part of my life so far. I have studied it for six years and I wouldn't give it away for anything. I am the most grateful to have friends who are studying music as well and a wonderful teacher, who has taught me SO much. I am just the most grateful girl ever.

Everyone, who has got a touch of music in their hearts, should follow their heart and do everything to study, even a little bit, about music.
I just couldn't imagine my life without it.
Thank You so much to all of You..
and.... thank You for the music.
Let me know how You feel about music and do You have some experiences as well. Don't feel scared to say it in here. We're all one big family and nobody will judge You for Your thoughts. Just be who You are. No matter what, I will still support You.
Love, Roosi

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

- Two little book reviews.. -

Well, we might just start without mentioning, that I am a HUGE booknerd and a bookworm and.. etc. 
You can imagine it Yourselves. ❤
But anyways, in December, I've read two REALLY amazing books I've never read before and I just wanted to let You know, that there are these two books in the whole big world, that You might have an idea about. ❤ Just thought I should mention that as well. 
But these two books are "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Auggie and me: Three Wonder stories"
Let me just start with the "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. 
It was an absolutely amazing book. (I didn't cry. I swear I didn't.) It was quite sad and it made me think about all these kids in the World who have got cancer and I truly feel sorry for them. 
But anyways- I loved these two characters Hazel and Augustus, who were so AMAZINGLY beautiful- they were smart and incredibly funny as well, what was new for me, to see (and feel) so much laughter in such a sad book. 
If You don't know the story, then Hazel and Augustus are two teenagers (I would prefer Young Adults) who have got cancer. In the beginning of the book, Augustus is all right and Hazel still has cancer, but it all kind of flips around in the end of the book. I am quite sure that most of the people know that story, but if You don't then, all right. You should definetly check it out. Rather watch a movie, or, if You are as booknerd-ish as I am, then read it. 
I am going to the library tomorrow, so really soon, I'll get You some more bookreviews on this blog. 
I totally got a bit carried away and I didn't really follow the book, but.. Yeah. You will love it, if You love these other amazing books by John Green. ❤

The next book I read, was "Auggie and me: Three Wonder stories" by R.J. Palacio
It was a really heart-warming book, but You NEED to read the "Wonder" book, before You read the "Auggie and Me". Just thought I should mention that, just in case. ❤
But this book explains EVERYTHING what happened in "Wonder" and why the characters behaved like that. I am just going to say, that this book changes Your way of thinking about other children/people who look different than You might look. ❤
I absolutely loved both, "Wonder" and "Auggie and Me", because they were brilliant and the writer is expressing Auggie's feelings and thoughts VERY well. It was just absolutely one of my favourite books through my lifetime. ❤
I really suggest You to read both of these books, because these change Your view of a very huge amount of business in life. ❤

I hope You enjoyed this little book review and I am going to see You all again very very soon. Let me know if You've read at least one of these books OR You have read something from these two authors. ❤

I love You all so very much, because You all mean a lot to me!
Lots of Love
*tight hugs*
Love, Roosi

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- If we were not real.. -

Like, honestly. Think about it. If we were not real, it would be crazy and VERY utterly weird. 
Wonder, if we were actually a dream of a creature we have no idea about. If we were just a blink and a slight thought and we don't exist at all. Just think about it. 
How CRAZY would that be?!?!

I love You all so- so- so much!
Love, Roosi
*tight hugs*

Just take a moment to think about this ridiculous thing. 
Love You a lot. 

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

- Hi again, everybody! -

I haven't written in here for SO long, but I wanted to wish You all a happy 3. Advent today and I just wanted to tell You, that I have an extremely busy month this December. I have been performing (singing and playing my violin) and I need to do both of these activities at least 7 times more this month. Isn't it nice? 
But anyways, I hope You have had a lovely month so far and let me know how are You doing. 😊

Lots of Love, as usual. 😊
*tight hugs*
Love, Roosi

-Maybe Christmas,-
he thought
-doesn't come from a store.-
-Maybe Christmas,-
-means a little bit more.-
:The Grinch:

Friday, 2 December 2016

- My Three November Favourites -

I hope You are doing well, because I am doing excellent!
I just changed my blog a bit more winter-y/christmas-y and I am super excited, because it looks so flipping cool! I haven't made any of the backgrounds myself, but in the future, I would really love to make a really cool and amazing background for my blog... dreamssss.. 
Today I wanted to write a blog post about my November favourites, but this time, without ANY pictures, because these are a) web- based or b) not possible to take pictures of. 
But anyways- no more silly- talk!!! Let's get to my favourites!!!!

Yep. I have NEVER loved knitting, because in the last school where I went, we really didn't have a teacher who would've teached us some knitting, but NOW when I am in a new school, we have an absolutely AMAZING teacher, who is sooooo nice and I actually have known her for at least... 7 years. So it's only good for me. 😊 😊 😊 
But currently we have a project, where we need to knit ourselves a pair of gloves, so tomorrow, when I am going to just sit for quite a while, then I can knit!!! Woooooo! I mean, I am really addicted to knitting, so You should give it a try!! (If You can't knit, then You HAVE to ask someone to help You, because I learned to knit within a day. Honestly!! And if I can knit, the YOU CAN KNIT!!!) Some positive words, eh?? 😊
But obviously I have really loved knitting throughout November. 😊

Well, not the healthiest beverage option? 😊 Yep. But I just love Hot Chocolate so flippin much!!
Hot Choclate, marshmallows and Christmas movies/videos. YES, PLEASE!
Anyways, I have nothing to say, but I just love HOT CHOCOLATE!!!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. 😊 I am addicted to YouTube. I've always been, but CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER is just one of the most gorgeous and beautiful and talented girls/women on the whole EARTH. Check out her videos to see what I am going on about. 😊

But that's all. These are all of my three November faves. 😊 
I hope You all liked it and don't forget to share Your three (or more) November favourites in the comments. 
By the way, FYI it's snowing in Estonia. Again, but I am SUPER EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!

I still hope You liked it. 😊 
Lots of Love
*tight hugs*

Love, Roosi