Tuesday, 20 December 2016

- How does it always find a way? Christmas edition! -

Hello and happy Christmas to everybody! I know that all of You might not be celebrating Christmas and You might hate it what I am writing in here, but let's just be festive anyway? I am in!
Anyways. I wanted to talk about Christmas and what our family does at Christmas- time and I would be the happiest if You could write down in the comments what Your family  does (or You do) and how do You celebrate Christmas (if You do.)
We usually come together as a 11- person celebraters (my dad's sister and her family + our family + my dad's mum) and we have a Christmas dinner which changes EVERY SINGLE YEAR, so we basically eat meat (which I usually don't like to eat because it's so chewing gum-y and yucky) potatoes, different salads, fish, sauerkraut (which I LOVE!) and sometimes (very ridiculously) sushi, because it's so weirdly delicious and I love it. But we eat a lot of other weird things as well. We have got some ridiculously sweet desserts, what my dad's mum usually gets and on the same time, my mum does some desserts as well and they are DELICIOUS. And we drink a lot of funny things as well. There are a lot of kids in the house, so we usually have a drink what is very festive, but we can drink it as well. The grownups usually drink alcoholic drinks and it's fine, because it's Christmas. But yes, there are a lot of different foods and drinks what we can eat. Let's just stick with that. 😊
So, when we have eaten and us, the Kids, have played some games, and me, as the oldest of them all, has played a best game- buddy/babysitter, then we usually go for a walk, but this year we are celebrating the Christmas in our home and we literally have got forest all around our house, so I've no idea where we're going for a walk this year. Got a bit overwhelmed there, didn't I?
And if we've gone for a walk and I've been a great babysitter (again) then we usually go back inside my dad's mum's flat (where we've celebrated Christmas before, that's why I explained it like this) and we wait for Father Christmas/Santa Claus, who is usually my dad. Me and a great friend of mine, have a theory, that our parents actually work for Father Christmas and that's why they are always getting presents to us themselves, and our presents aren't from Father Christmas. That's SO obvious that they are working for him, let's be honest. 
Well and then we get our presents, what is actually a big chaos, because little kids throw their wrapping paper EVERYWHERE and I just basically can't open my presents, because all of those little kids run back to see me every second possible and show me what they got and they're like:
"Roosi, vaata mis ma sain!!" which means: "Roosi, check out what I got!!" but that's super- adorable and I don't mind that. 😊 😊 😊 
Anyways, then we usually eat even more and just chat. And then we usually go home and for the whole ride home I just dream about using my new gifts or I dream about playing with my toys, which I get still every year, because I am kind of collecting them. Another fact about me! I know it might be childish, but I get some new interesting dolls every year, which I usually ask for, and then I am super happy and I am so excited for them and just... ahh, Love Love Love Christmas. 😊

But, this is all! I hope You enjoyed this little Christmas- ramble and I am going to talk to You very soon! Please comment down below what do you usually do or how do You celebrate Christmas! 
I love You all so much! Happy Christmas!! 
Love, Roosi


  1. Thanks for share your cute experiences with us!

    1. Thanks for finding time to read this post!! Happy Christmas!🎄
      Love, Roosi