Saturday, 17 December 2016

- Music -

Music has always been a HUGE part of my life. Quite much since I was born, I started to sing (when I was a baby, it actually sounded like a really high- pitched scream, but I smiled when I was doing it, so I wasn't crying..) and as soon as I started to walk properly, I started to create my own dances.
I think, that the first time I really got into singing, was when I was about 4- 5 years old and I got a chance to start singing in a singing studio. I got a friend there, as well, but we are (sadly) not friends anymore, because she moved away to Finland.
Anyways, I started to sing there and I can remember some songs what I was singing with two other girls. I can remember how I was feeling when I was on the stage and everybody was looking at me..
To be fair, I wasn't scared, I was more like.. happy to be there. I have always been a stage- lover and I have got to say, that I am not scared of the stage now as well.
Well, I studied there for.. I think around 7 months, maybe, and then I left, because I sticked my tongue out, when another girl was singing and I needed to watch her sing... and my singing teacher said that I am a terrable child and I didn't want to go back there again.. until the September 2015, when I started to sing at the same singing studio again and I quite much enjoy it!

Some of You might not know that, but I am actually studying violin at the moment in music school and I am quite sure, that violin has had a HUGE part of my life so far. I have studied it for six years and I wouldn't give it away for anything. I am the most grateful to have friends who are studying music as well and a wonderful teacher, who has taught me SO much. I am just the most grateful girl ever.

Everyone, who has got a touch of music in their hearts, should follow their heart and do everything to study, even a little bit, about music.
I just couldn't imagine my life without it.
Thank You so much to all of You..
and.... thank You for the music.
Let me know how You feel about music and do You have some experiences as well. Don't feel scared to say it in here. We're all one big family and nobody will judge You for Your thoughts. Just be who You are. No matter what, I will still support You.
Love, Roosi