Wednesday, 28 December 2016

- My goals for the New Year -

As the Christmas is over and we're all excited for the New Year now, then I thought I should make myself a plan about what I want to do and what I want to be next year. I thought it might inspire You too, so let's get started! 
Please leave me some of Your goals for next year as well so I could add some great ones in mine too!

1. Exercise more 
(because, bloody hell, I have been eating too much this Christmas. Am I the only one?)
2. Play more VIOLIN. 
(hell yeah. At least once a day.. that would be great..)
3. Eat less junk. 
(well. Obviously.)
4. Study better
(alright. We can manage that.)
5. Read more
(yes, sir!)
6. Write more of Your silly stories
(I wish I could have some more time for this..)
7. Try to act like a proper lady.
(ha- haa- haa!)
8. Sleep more!
(That's what I actually need to do, because I can sleep aproximatelly 6 and a half hours.. whoops.)
9. Write more in this blog
(Because You all want something new quite often, don't You?)
10. Take more pictures of Your life
(And post them on this blog!)
11. Care more about Your family and relatives.
(I do care, but I haven't got any time, basically. In fact, right now we're going to watch a movie all together! That's more like it!!!)
12. Spread love
(We all should do that more often, because when You make someone smile, it only makes both of You happier!)
13. Clean up Your room!!!
14. Drink more water and tea!
(I was just about to make myself a cup of tea. Yes, sir!!)
15. Love more

I hope You have enjoyed this year and I hope You are going to have a wonderful New Year!!
I love You all so much!!

Love, Roosi


  1. I definitely want to read more books in 2017. Good luck for the new year!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. That's the most perfect Happy- New- Year- Goal I've read so far from a lot of blogs.
    Happy 2017!! I hope it's going to be a WONDERFUL year for You.
    Love, Roosi