Friday, 2 December 2016

- My Three November Favourites -

I hope You are doing well, because I am doing excellent!
I just changed my blog a bit more winter-y/christmas-y and I am super excited, because it looks so flipping cool! I haven't made any of the backgrounds myself, but in the future, I would really love to make a really cool and amazing background for my blog... dreamssss.. 
Today I wanted to write a blog post about my November favourites, but this time, without ANY pictures, because these are a) web- based or b) not possible to take pictures of. 
But anyways- no more silly- talk!!! Let's get to my favourites!!!!

Yep. I have NEVER loved knitting, because in the last school where I went, we really didn't have a teacher who would've teached us some knitting, but NOW when I am in a new school, we have an absolutely AMAZING teacher, who is sooooo nice and I actually have known her for at least... 7 years. So it's only good for me. 😊 😊 😊 
But currently we have a project, where we need to knit ourselves a pair of gloves, so tomorrow, when I am going to just sit for quite a while, then I can knit!!! Woooooo! I mean, I am really addicted to knitting, so You should give it a try!! (If You can't knit, then You HAVE to ask someone to help You, because I learned to knit within a day. Honestly!! And if I can knit, the YOU CAN KNIT!!!) Some positive words, eh?? 😊
But obviously I have really loved knitting throughout November. 😊

Well, not the healthiest beverage option? 😊 Yep. But I just love Hot Chocolate so flippin much!!
Hot Choclate, marshmallows and Christmas movies/videos. YES, PLEASE!
Anyways, I have nothing to say, but I just love HOT CHOCOLATE!!!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. 😊 I am addicted to YouTube. I've always been, but CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER is just one of the most gorgeous and beautiful and talented girls/women on the whole EARTH. Check out her videos to see what I am going on about. 😊

But that's all. These are all of my three November faves. 😊 
I hope You all liked it and don't forget to share Your three (or more) November favourites in the comments. 
By the way, FYI it's snowing in Estonia. Again, but I am SUPER EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!

I still hope You liked it. 😊 
Lots of Love
*tight hugs*

Love, Roosi

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