Tuesday, 13 December 2016

- Two little book reviews.. -

Well, we might just start without mentioning, that I am a HUGE booknerd and a bookworm and.. etc. 
You can imagine it Yourselves. ❤
But anyways, in December, I've read two REALLY amazing books I've never read before and I just wanted to let You know, that there are these two books in the whole big world, that You might have an idea about. ❤ Just thought I should mention that as well. 
But these two books are "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Auggie and me: Three Wonder stories"
Let me just start with the "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. 
It was an absolutely amazing book. (I didn't cry. I swear I didn't.) It was quite sad and it made me think about all these kids in the World who have got cancer and I truly feel sorry for them. 
But anyways- I loved these two characters Hazel and Augustus, who were so AMAZINGLY beautiful- they were smart and incredibly funny as well, what was new for me, to see (and feel) so much laughter in such a sad book. 
If You don't know the story, then Hazel and Augustus are two teenagers (I would prefer Young Adults) who have got cancer. In the beginning of the book, Augustus is all right and Hazel still has cancer, but it all kind of flips around in the end of the book. I am quite sure that most of the people know that story, but if You don't then, all right. You should definetly check it out. Rather watch a movie, or, if You are as booknerd-ish as I am, then read it. 
I am going to the library tomorrow, so really soon, I'll get You some more bookreviews on this blog. 
I totally got a bit carried away and I didn't really follow the book, but.. Yeah. You will love it, if You love these other amazing books by John Green. ❤

The next book I read, was "Auggie and me: Three Wonder stories" by R.J. Palacio
It was a really heart-warming book, but You NEED to read the "Wonder" book, before You read the "Auggie and Me". Just thought I should mention that, just in case. ❤
But this book explains EVERYTHING what happened in "Wonder" and why the characters behaved like that. I am just going to say, that this book changes Your way of thinking about other children/people who look different than You might look. ❤
I absolutely loved both, "Wonder" and "Auggie and Me", because they were brilliant and the writer is expressing Auggie's feelings and thoughts VERY well. It was just absolutely one of my favourite books through my lifetime. ❤
I really suggest You to read both of these books, because these change Your view of a very huge amount of business in life. ❤

I hope You enjoyed this little book review and I am going to see You all again very very soon. Let me know if You've read at least one of these books OR You have read something from these two authors. ❤

I love You all so very much, because You all mean a lot to me!
Lots of Love
*tight hugs*
Love, Roosi

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  1. Hi Roosi, from one book worm to another I like your post. I've seen that The Fault in our Stars has been made into a film and looks really sad. I wonder if the film does the book justice. Think I might just have to pick up a copy then watch the film :) x

    1. Hi Abbie!
      I mean... for me, the movie wasn't SO terrably sad, because all of the things what happened during the movie, were just quite.. like everything needed to be. I just have to say, I didn't cry, when I was watching the movie, but I am not going to give You any promises of how You are going to feel, when watching the movie.
      The movie is quite much as good as the book, although books and movies are ALWAYS different and everything, what happened in the book, is not shown in the movie, but it still was really good and I quite much liked it.
      Picking up a copie before reading is quite a great idea, because (for me, at least) You can think about the things what didn't happen in the movie and what did, but differently, than they were written.
      I just wrote a little bit too long text, but I hope You got an idea of all of this crazyness.
      Lots of Love
      *tight hugs*
      Love, Roosi