Friday, 6 January 2017

- Three more book reviews and I wish You all a Happy New Year! -

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY! I hope You all are going to have a wonderful new year full of joy and if You are not going to have a wonderful and a joyful new year, then I am really sorry for You. 
(*hugs You tight to make You happier*)
But anyways! I got three amazing books for Christmas (amongst a lot of other things) and I read them all in 4 days. I think "whoops" is how You should call it? 😊 If You didn't know that yet, then I am a MASSIVE book nerd. My classmates make fun of it all the time and it actually seems a bit funny for myself as well, but I have gotten used to it and I LOVE reading. 😊 Never give up Your best hobbies (if they're good, of course) if You love them. Don't listen to people who think that they're better than You because they haven't got any of such cool hobbies like You do. 😉 Just be who You are and love Yourself like that. ❤ 
Let's get started and I hope You are going to have some great reading inspiration from here. 😊

The first book is a book by Carrie Hope Fletcher and it's called "All I Know Now" 
It is literally a guide of how to grow up gracefully. (Just FYI: For me, as I am not religious, I think it's going to be my Holy Book when I am growing up and when I am trying to do it gracefully! 😁)
It was written very well and for me, as I don't speak or read English daily, it wasn't hard to read so if You're a foreign like I am, then I think it's not very hard to read it. (Of course, I am not going to promise You that it's going to be easy. Just.. for me it was.) But it has got a lot of chapters about a lot of things and for me, it gave me a lot of great advice what I will be using on growing up and when I am trying to survive my teen years. 😊 On the back of this book is written "A best friend in book form" and I think it's SO true. 
Really loved this book! Thanks, Father Christmas/Mum and Dad!!! ❤

The second book is by Giovanna Fletcher and it's called "Billy and Me" 
I absolutely loved loved loved loved loved this book SO much! It was a real pearl when I was reading it and I enjoyed that it just felt so true. It was like it's not a fiction, it felt like a real life and I absolutely loved that this book made my cry and laugh so hard! Honestly. It's about a girl called Sophie, who is working in her local teashop (where I was like: "OMM! A teashop! Yes, please!!") and she meets with a gorgeous Billy, who turns out to be a famous actor.. so the story goes on. 
It is absolutely going to be one of my most favourite books of all times and I was really happy to get this for Christmas. Loved loved loved. ❤
Thanks Father Christmas/Mum and Dad!!! ❤

And the last book is by Amy Alward and it's called "The Potion Diaries" 
I have got to admit, that this book wasn't that good as the others I've already written about in this post. I mean it still was a wonderful book, but I don't know what turned it down a bit. Maybe it didn't seem that good, because I had just read "Billy and Me" before starting to read this book and because "Billy and Me" was just such an AMAZING book, then I just didn't focus on "The Potion Diaries" that much. I will certainly read it again some time and it was actually very worth reading and it was very interesting, but it wasn't that good as "Billy and Me" & "All I Know Now" but still very good. (A HELLA LOT OF "buts") 😁
Liked it a lot. ❤
Thanks Father Christmas/Mum and Dad!!! ❤

And that's all. I know. I still need to work on my book reviews, but still- I got this one out as well!! Woo! I am really happy to have all these 3 books now and I wish You all a Wonderful New Year!
Happy 2017!! (Is it just me or not, but it just sounds weird..)
Lots of Love
*tight hugs*
Love, Roosi
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