Sunday, 18 June 2017

- It has been a while & an announcement.. -

Oh my god I am so so sorry!!
I haven't written in my blog for such a long time!!
And yes, I do have an excuse why I haven't been writing:
I AM A STUDENT AT SCHOOL AND AT MUSIC SCHOOL and it was taking my time away all the time, but now I'm good again with that, because it's our summer holidays for basically three months, so I am very excited to post more in here!

And I have an announcement!!
I have my own YouTube channel now as well!
But yeah. The name is different, but it's still mine and I have no subscribers/followers there (just saw that I have 1! But that's probably my best friend (love you lots) hehe), because no one knows me and I have no idea why I am doing this and getting it all out in here, but maybe it's good..? Who knows what will turn outttt..

But yeah.
The channel is:


Check it out if You like.
AND YES, I am going to post more in here during summer:
recipes etc.
Get excited (but not too excited, because who knows maybe I'll fail)

I love You all so so so much!
Thank You for Your support!!

Lots of Love

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