Monday, 2 July 2018

- France Trip 2018 -

Hello, everyone! I hope You're having a lovely day (or night, because it's currently 3am ☺️ I should start sleeping again).

We're currently in France. Obviously. I think You can read the title.
Last week we were in Paris, Disneyland Paris and other places in France, so there are photos of that.
I have forgotten how to write half decent blog posts.. this ain't good.
Also keep an eye on my YouTube channel, where I also will post videos (once I have edited them, because I haven't even started yet!) of Paris and of Disneyland.

I hope You like the photos!

There will *hopefully* be more photos, but SO FAR ---
this is what You get! ☺️

I hope You enjoyed! 

Lots of Love

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